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Monday, 27 July 2015
Rom-com guys always try and reinvent themselves. It has worked before for many actors out there, what with Matthew McConaughey going from a generic shirtless handsome dude to an Oscar winning actor that is currently one of Hollywood's best talents. It worked for him. Hell, it also worked for Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum and Ben Stiller, all of which have given us tremendous work since their very cardboard acting origins. Ryan Reynolds has been trying to do this on and off for the past few ... Read More

MotoGP 15

Sunday, 26 July 2015
I've talked about my previous dislike for racing games on the blog before, and though I did generally used to hate them back in the day, I did like a few if I'm being honest. I loved the likes of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Road Rash and Skitchin', though those last two are kind of illegal “sports”, right? Anyway, I loved the hell out of stuff like that, so when MotoGP 15 popped up to review for the blog, I jumped at the chance to play it. In theory it's essentially the same as Road Rash, ... Read More


Saturday, 25 July 2015
I don’t like Johnny Depp. I know, it’s still a rather controversial thing to say, but I stand by it. He’s impressed me in the past, I’ll admit – I enjoy his earlier films like Ed Wood, Donnie Brasco and to a certain extent Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. But in recent years, he’s just become the go-to guy for slightly unusual and quirky characters in slightly unusual and quirky films. Although this is where he’s most successful and disappointingly this is what people want, for ... Read More

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Friday, 24 July 2015
I’ll admit, I rather enjoyed the first Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Sure, it wasn’t a perfect film, nor was it trying to be. But it was a fun, heart-warming little story about old age and cultural differences. And I wasn’t alone in enjoying it – the film went on to be a surprise box office hit, with reported takings of approximately $135 million against its $10 million budget. So, it comes as no surprise that a sequel was made, which is out now on DVD & Blu-ray.John Madden returns to ... Read More

God of War 3 Remastered

Thursday, 23 July 2015
I've enjoyed the entire God of War series. Though the series has featured stunning levels, incredible bosses and really iconic moments throughout its seven adventures, the final game in the series, God of War 3, stands out as its greatest achievement. So it's no real shocker that the game has been remastered for the Playstation 4. However, considering that this “remaster” doesn't exactly offer anything new that the Playstation 3 release didn't already have, is it worth your money?Developed ... Read More

Jupiter Ascending

Wednesday, 22 July 2015
Like the vast majority of you reading this, I'm a huge, huge fan of The Matrix. I didn't see it in the cinema at release, but after catching it on DVD soon after it quickly became one of my favourite movies of all time. The action, the atmosphere, the fighting, the music and, of course, Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith, made for one of the greatest movies of all time. That's a pretty rare thing indeed, but though I've seen The Matrix around 20 times so far, every time it's on TV or my eye catches ... Read More

Lenovo A7000

Tuesday, 21 July 2015
Lenovo recently launched the A7000, the phone which could be touted as the big brother of the Lenovo A6000, which launched earlier this year.  It’s being portrayed as a multimedia performer, and is the first phablet ever to feature the Dolby Atmos audio system.Design, Display & Hardware:This dual sim (4G) device is pretty slim at a mere 8mm, and also weighs only 140gms (lighter than most other competitors in the same price range). The screen is 5.5” and the device has a matte ... Read More

Testament of Youth

Monday, 20 July 2015
Out now on DVD & Blu-ray and directed by James Kent comes Testament of Youth, based on Vera Brittain’s best-selling memoir of the same name. It tells the story of Vera, a young lady in 1914 who shocks her family and friends by making it into Oxford University, before choosing to potentially sacrifice it all to become a wartime nurse. As Vera struggles through this duty; her brother Edward, fiancée Roland and friends Victor & Geoffrey are all fighting the war on the front lines. With ... Read More


Sunday, 19 July 2015
I love a good con movie. Going back to classics like The Sting, modern greats like Catch Me If You Can and even kind of overblown nonsense like Oceans Eleven, if there's a movie out there about con artists, I'll watch it. I know, my standards are so high. I like movies about con artists and I also like both Will Smith and Margot Robbie, so this latest movie sounded like it was right up my alley. However, despite the two leads of this movie being genuinely fantastic in their roles, Focus doesn't ... Read More

J-Stars Victory VS+

Saturday, 18 July 2015
I won't lie and say I've read a lot of manga, but I have checked out a good deal of it. If it's in any way science fiction related and has a nice art style, I'm there. Though I have stopped reading certain manga series' before they finished, I think I have a decent enough knowledge of manga related characters. So with this latest game featuring a huge cast of manga characters, I assumed once I jumped into it I'd recognize a lot of them. Sadly this was not the case. But now, 20 or so hours after ... Read More
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